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Form Manager – WordPress forms simplified.

WordPress Form Manager is a free WordPress plug-in, for creating forms to collect and download data from visitors to your WordPress site. Form manager has many features like any other form plugin such as validation, required fields, custom acknowledgments, and e-mail notifications.

One of the major feature in Form Manager is templates. You can easily customize the view of the form and also the massages. It also comes with an API which mirrors the functionality provided by the shortcodes. You can use conditions in the forms to specifically show, hide and require fields.

Form Manager WordPress

Form Manager is easy to use and packed with features. Try it or use it in your next project, if you like it make a donation to the developer šŸ™‚

Plugin URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-form-manager/
Home page: http://www.campbellhoffman.com/form-manager/
FAQ: http://www.campbellhoffman.com/form-manager-faq


  1. I would like to create a form where depends the option the price will change. something like this: http://gotprint.net/g/uploadBusinessCard.do

    Can i use your plugin *Form Manager) to create this option?

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